Kitten Update

3 cute male kittens are available:

The kittens are all litter trained, and have had their first series of shots. They are very playful and friendly and all have beautiful blue eyes.

From Vitessi’s litter there are 2, one with a turquoise collar and one with a grey collar. The kitten with an orange collar is from Thalia’s litter.

Here are pictures of them today.

Turquoise collar:

Vitessi’s little boy with a turquoise collar

Vitessi’s little boy with a turquoise collar

Grey collar:

Vitessi’s little boy with a grey collar
Vitessi’s little boy with a grey collar

Orange collar:

Tahlia’s little boy who usually has an orange collar on

Thalia’s little boy with orange collar

Update on Vitessi’s Litter

These little snow balls are growing so fast! They love to snuggle and play.

Vitessi’s girls
Kittens learning to use scratch pad

Thalia’s Litter

Their eyes are open and they are just starting to explore. The two brown spotted brothers are reserved. Little sister and Snow brother are available.

Little Snow Brother looks so fierce, ready to defend

Thalia’s kittens came this morning!

We bred our stunning brown-black marbled female to our spotted lynx snow male and she gave birth this morning to 4 new kittens: 3 brown spotted kittens and 1 snow kitten.

We don’t know the sex of the kittens yet and would like to take a few more days to be more sure. We are taking reservations now.

Vitesse’s Litter

Vitessi, a spotted snow, was bred with Bugatti, a stunning spotted Snow Bengal which has resulted in a gorgeous litter of five kittens on February 10th, 2022.

Day 1

Wow. Our first litter with Vitessi. She is such a great mom. Took care of the kittens without us having to intervene with any of them.

Vitessi’s eyes are blue. Not sure why the lighting made them look otherwise. Bugatti’s are blue too and we expect the kittens to all have blue eyes.